Periods are a problem. Some of the challenges of being a woman are the inconveniences of heavy periods! 1/3 women would describe their periods as heavy. Up to 75% of GYN doctor visits are related to heavy bleeding.

So, if this is your struggle, you are not alone! Defining exactly what is heavy bleeding or menorrhagia is important.

What is a heavy period or flow?

1. Soaking pad or tampon every 1-3 hours on heaviest days,

2. Bleeding more than 7 days

3. Need to use pad and tampon at same time

4. Need to change pad in middle of night

5. Blood clots bigger than 1 inch

We have options, but we need to be informed about what all is included with each choice we make about our health. As women, we have to initiate these conversations with healthcare providers, listen to options, research and choose the best option that fits our lifestyle, health needs and desires. Here is a great link to WebMd to give you even more details about dealing with a heavy period.

My Personal Story

In the video cast and podcast below I share my personal story. I start by answering questions like: What causes heavy periods? What are steps we can take to correct them. My goal is to empower you with the information you need to manage your health!

Women’s Health Journey

It’s one thing to know about periods. It’s another thing to take the steps to stop heavy periods. Women can face all type of health challenges. Our bodies are very complex. Heavy periods can also bring about pelvic pain. Here is a great article on dealing with pelvic pain: “Pain My Pelvic Area | Why & How to Fix it” It is important for us women to connect the dots of our bodies various signals.

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