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Meet Your Coach: Heather Marra PT, MPT, CAPP, PCES

Meet Your Coach:
Heather Marra PT, MPT, CAPP, PCES

Meet Your Coach:
Heather Marra

As a Physical Therapist, I have specialized in women’s health over the past 20 years. I have walked in your shoes and I have taken many classes. I have seen many patients and shared in the ups and downs and reality of doing life together!

I want to help you gain confidence, strength, health and wholeness! I want you to get strong again, but not do additional damage to your pelvic floor! I want to walk with you as a coach to achieve your goals!

One Simple Step is here to help your achieve that freedom! But at a realistic pace! Not too fast but always taking the next step forward! Read More About Me

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Heather has been so helpful to me as a physical therapist over the past few years. She’s patiently walked with me as I’ve tried to figure out the source of my back and neck pain. She’s taught me different ways of managing the pain through exercises, massages, and essential oils. I also feel comfortable sharing information or asking questions that I normally wouldn’t ask as a woman. I never feel bad about asking her for help (again) and she is always quick to check in on me and my status afterwards. Her knowledge and experience is not limited to physical therapy so I always feel like I get well-rounded advice that covers all the bases of my health. I am very grateful for her continued insight and desire to help!


Heather models a life that consistently honors God, family, and personal health. For nearly 20 years, she has motivated me and challenged me to strengthen relationships with my creator, deepen friendships with those around me and focus on my physical and mental well-being.

Sharon W.

For 30+ years many doctors told me the pelvic pain was not real and that I was crazy and imagining it. Heather helped both my husband and me realize what was happening to my body. Heather walked with me along the physical therapy path to healing and finding ways to manage my pain and stress. We worked not just on my physical concerns, but the emotional aspect as well.

Jan F.