There are so many benefits for Diaphragmatic breathing.  I reviewed this medical article and pulled out some key points to share. (The Functions of Breathing and its dysfunctions and their relationship to breathing therapy. Rosalba Courtney. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. 12(2009) 78-85). (  If we understand the why behind something, then we have a stronger reason for creating a healthy habit! 

Diaphragmatic breathing benefits the overall balance of the body. Almost every system of the body is affected, either positively or negatively…depending on your breathing patterns. Slowed breathing rate of 4-6 breaths per minute can synchronize your blood pressure, heart rate and sympathetic nervous system which can positively affect asmtha, COPD, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome and depression.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Benefits require you to relax

Dysfunctional breathing, also known as shallow breathing or hyperventilation will contribute to headaches, tightness in the jaw, poor posture, muscle tension, rapid heart rates.  Stress can cause this faulty habit. Lack of understanding what is correct breathing can also contribute to shallow breathing. 

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Stress can cause the sympathetic nervous system to create faster breathing rate, more shallow breathing.  It’s normal for the body to react to things in life that come at us, such as pain or fear. However, the problem is when this heightened response becomes our new “normal”.

When our body has a difficult time returning to a resting state then what you need is a relaxed, slow and abdominal breathing pattern is what will help to reset our body.

Diaphragmatic breathing benefits your soul. Self awareness of your breathing can change the way you live and function.  Becoming aware of muscle tension, then making a change is a great simple step to holistic living.  Regular practice of this correct breathing pattern can make it easier for our body to return to a resting state and counter the stresses of life.

Diaphragmatic breathing is the 360 degrees expansion of the ribs and abdomen, without shrugging the shoulders up.  With an inhale through the nose, approximately 3-5 seconds, followed by a 6-8 second exhale and a 2-3 second pause, diaphragmatic breathing can reset our breathing!  Repeated DB breathing can be done laying on your back, sitting, walking or standing. For better self awareness, use a mirror or record yourself and observe your breathing pattern.  How do you feel after doing this new breathing pattern? More relaxed or more tense?

With increased awareness, diaphragmatic breathing, of 360 breathing can be incorporated to all aspects of your life.  Even while driving, feel the expansion of your back into the seat with a deep inhale can be a part of your day! Diaphragmatic Breathing can assist with relaxation throughout the day or prior to sleeping.  It can become the new breathing pattern for you!

 1.The Functions of Breathing and its dysfunctions and their relationship to breathing therapy. Rosalba Courtney.  International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. 12(2009) 78-85

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